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Hips & Hamstrings June 2021



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When we were children, we would play and flop around and never get hurt. In our adult years, we typically move less, and when we do, we are more prone to injury. This becomes a cycle of moving less and becoming more fragile, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Through deliberate techniques, we can regain access to our body’s ability to “bounce back.” What is required is to train our muscles to be more elastic—like a new rubber band. We will train our ability to elongate and contract our muscular system through a series of yoga postures and exercises. Get ready to reclaim your elasticity and discover your true range of motion.

5 reviews for Hips & Hamstrings June 2021

  1. michel pilte

    First I apologize for l write in french . My english isn’t fluent enough .
    Depuis plusieurs mois je pratique les immersions avec Matt . Et j’ai découvert une pratique extrêmement précise et novatrice.
    D’un point de vue biomécanique , mental , spirituel , tout est extrêmement professionnel et est le fruit d’un énorme travail aussi bien personnel qu’avec l’aide de chercheurs de toutes disciplines.
    Vous découvrez de nouvelles sensations mêmes dans les postures les plus courantes et ce travail que vous êtes amené à approfondir vous fait , à son tour, découvrir de nouveaux horizons jusqu’alors jugés comme innatteignables.
    Les asanas ne sont plus décrits comme un cadre d’acier inamovible mais comme le moyen d’une prise de conscience de tous les recoins de votre corps avec un travail sur tous les muscles même et surtout ceux que vous oubliez.
    Le travail par internet est très bien organisé.Matt parle un américain très facile à comprendre (même pour un anglais) . L’accès aux différentes classes est définitif, vous pouvez y retourner quand vous voulez.
    Bref je conseil vivement , à minima un essai.
    Petit détail.les tarifs sont en $ ce qui fait un peu moins en € .
    Sorry again but perhaps for francophones people .
    du Canada , de la Belgique , de la Suisse, de l’Afrique ou simplement de la France , ou d’ailleurs.
    Titulaire 200h , pratiquant essentiellement à Bordeaux, Paris depuis plusieurs années, ainsi qu’en Europe j’ai rarement été aussi enthousiasmé .

  2. Kier (verified owner)

    I bought this immersion package in August 2021, that was when I first established my yoga practice relationship with Matt.

    Since then, I am continuing my practice with him through his monthly Immersions.

    Matt’s steps by steps approach and explanations has helped me to better understand the anatomy and physiology of hip joints and the surrounding muscular system.

    Through his 12 practical sessions, I learned to adopt a more active range of motion approach in my postures which has helped to open up my hip joints and further strengthened them.

  3. Sepide Parsa (verified owner)

    First immersion I’ve ever done with Matt and definitely not the last one!

    It is so curious to see and feel how with time our hips and hamstrings loose the fluidity of movement. And it is surely an adventure to regain the flexibility we once had in order to release whatever has been stuck there.

    I love this immersion because it challenged me, it gave me so many insights and knowledge and all of it in a safe space. Also the way Matt accompanies you in the process allows you to take you time to understand, go through the lessons as many times as you need, to ask questions and to trust your body.
    Would really recommend!

  4. Trisha Curling (verified owner)

    This immersion was everything! Not only did I develop a better understanding of how to strengthen, stabilize, and open my hips, but it has greatly helped with better stability and less pain in my knees. Matt really shows you what is available to you in your body. He shares his incredible depth of knowledge with you in a way that is so accessible and makes you feel like you are experiencing the class in person. I highly recommend this and any immersion with Matt it will transform your relationship with your yoga practice! Thank you Matt for all that you do!

  5. Abigail Aller (verified owner)

    As always, Matt offers a great immersion! I learn something new every time I step on the mat with him! The anatomical knowledge he shares for the hips has really served my practice and my teaching. Highly recommend this, and all of Matt’s immersions!

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Reclaim Your Elasticity

The Hips and Hamstrings Immersion focuses on providing you with the necessary techniques to develop your body awareness for greater range of motion in your hips and hamstrings.

  • Pigeon, Lizard, Fire Log, Eagle, Cobler’s Pose
  • Lotus, Hanuman (splits), Flying Pigeon, Straddle
  • King Cobra, King Pigeon, King Dancer

Through this yoga immersion focused on hip opening and hamstring flexibility, you will find a new relationship with your body and ultimately feel better on a daily basis. Another name for flexibility is range of motion, which includes strength, body awareness and active mobility. This subtle difference in language is important because it reveals techniques to unlock your hips and hamstrings, rather than hoping that if you sit in a pose long enough, the body will magically open up. This immersion aims to help you feel good inside and out, cultivating strength, flexibility and awareness using the intelligence of our mind and proven techniques.

Original price was: $148.00.Current price is: $128.00.

yoga for strength and flexibility


Are you interested in developing your practice and taking it to the next level? Do you want learn the techniques that will cultivate that greater freedom in your yoga practice?  With 12 livestream online yoga classes, you will awaken to new possibility in your practice! Together we will practice 3 days a week, with a live chat to ask all your questions and a dedicated private Facebook group to connect with our global community of yogis. Can’t practice at the live times? NO problem. You get lifetime, anytime, anywhere access. After the class goes live, you will be able to tune in and watch as much as you would like!


yoga for strength and flexibility



When you sign up for the immersion you will gain access to an exclusive members area of theyogimatt.com. When you are logged in your will have access and be able to watch the livestream that day, and any previously aired livestreams from that month.


NO. You are paying for access to one month of classes, after that you will be provided a discounted rate should you want to continue practicing regularly. You will NOT be automatically billed, THIS IS A ONE TIME PAYMENT that gives you access to the classes in the respective month that you purchase.


Matt specializes in teaching ALL Levels yoga practices, providing modifications, and options throughout each class. These immersions are suitable for anyone with as little as 1-3 months yoga practice or more. You do not need to have a regular practice, nor do you need to be flexibly or strong. First time yogis are welcomed so long as you have no major injuries. Each class focuses on a different yoga pose in order to gain a greater understanding of our body within the asana practice.


Matt‘s classes are phenomenal- if you ever have the ability to practice with him, make use of it!! He has a very unique talent of combining anatomy, yoga philosophy and his own perspective into a super intense package of knowledge which is fun AND easy to understand. I enjoyed the April immersion a lot as it was a great way of deepening my own practice and broadening my horizon, especially as the lifetime access allows you to take classes
as often as you want- trust me, you will want to take them again! I cant wait for next month’s classes and highly recommend everyone to take the May pass and joining in on the journey.

~Nadja Kyra King - @nadja_kyra

Matt’s April pass was a journey. It was more than just the physical exploration of my practice but also helped me explore my spiritual practice. It was very nice to have a consistent practice during this time of uncertainty. If you are looking for a practice to ground yourself I would highly recommend exploring the Live Immersion of the Month.
~Amanda Barnes Salowsky

Covid_19 bought Matt into my home and my yoga practice. This last month I have learn’t so much it has deepened my practice and my understanding of the anatomy & biomechanics and how we use both in every asana we practice. He has also helped in my teaching, ie asking my students to think about the foot as a tripod “big toe, pinkie toe, heel ” I never imagined I would learn so much from the immersion.

~Debbie, @the_joyofyoga

arm balances: yoga for strength and flexibility


Let’s open up together, rise to our potential, awaken our flexibility and take care of this magnificent body that we are living in. See you on the mat!


Original price was: $148.00.Current price is: $128.00.

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