The Practice

You may have heard or experienced the many benefits of seated meditation but if you have ever tried to sit on the ground for more than 5 minutes you may have noticed your distracted mind relentlessly focusing on the discomfort of your physical body? This is true for me, even to this day, no matter how open my hips are, or how strong my core and back are, if I try and sit on the ground for an extended period of time one of my legs will fall asleep, or I will at the least just be un comfortable. If you have the same experience you will find this video incredibly supportive.

This is the first day of a 30 day Yoga and Meditation program available on

After speaking with the staff of Tint, we felt that this first session should be free for everyone because it shares some really important information about how to sit comfortably. First I take you through a 20 minute yoga practice to properly prepare your hips and back for seated postures. Then I take you through what I consider to be the 3 most accessible seated meditation postures, and offer modifications for each one to keep your body feeling while you sit for meditation practice.

The Challenges

Why is it challenging to sit? for a number of reasons we might find it hard to sit on the ground, but mostly because we just don't do it. Sitting in a chair does not allow our hips to go through their full range of motion each day, and our back and hip flexors don't develop the strength needed to keep us upright. Yoga can serve as a really amazing practice to redevelop the capacity to sit better, however it won't happen over night. Tryin to re-pattern our body takes repetitive practice. Like any other skill you can only learn from doing it. That is why I decided to make the full program 30 days. I wanted to support those that are ready to fully commit to feeling good. That being said I know some of you aren't quite ready to commit to something or perhaps don't believe it will provide you with any sort of results. While the video below doesn't have a meditation practice with it, it doesn't give you insight into the kind of physical experience you can expect each day, and it gives you some of the most valuable tools for your meditation practice: finding your meditation seat.


I am excited to announce that the new website is almost ready for release which will include more detailed blogs with step by step break downs of postures, as well as tons of new content and increased functionality. All of your purchased products have been updated and I know you will love the new experience. I am so looking forward to sharing it with you in 2019!!! until then, Enjoy this practice!

Seated Heroes Pose

My personal favorite seated posture for those that have higher outer hips and inner thighs as it requires little flexibility in these areas. It presents a challenges for those with tight quads, and shin muscles. Using blankets and blocks can really help alleviate these challenges.

"Easy Seat"

The so called easy seat is perhaps one of the more frustrating titles as it can be incredibly misleading. For those with open inner thighs, hip flexors and outer hips this can be an easy posture indeed, but if that is not the case for you than you'll definitely want to use props. Using the right amount of blankets and block support can make this posture easier and more accessible.

In a Chair

Sitting in a chair can seem like cheating, and it can be incredibly easy to get too relaxed in. Here you will notice how I prepare the chair with blocks and a blanket and I sit on the edge of the seat so that I still used my back and hip flexors to keep me upright. Some level of muscle engagement is important to stay awake and present when meditating.

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