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There are some general rules to follow when executing arm balance postures. To find optimal balance, most require us not to shy away from leaning forward. They also demand a considerable degree of upper body strength to create the rounded position of the torso that’s typically essential in an arm balance. On the other hand, Matt teaches us that if we have the substantial hip flexibility that’s vital for Titibhasana, it is probably one of the easier arm balances. The positioning of the legs in Titibhasana almost automatically places our torso in the rounded position and protracts the scapulae. The pose may sound “simple” when we look at it in these terms, but there are of course techniques we must adopt and master in order to fly in Titibhasana.

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What’s wonderful about Matt’s Chromatic approach to yoga is that he breaks down postures that appear to be insurmountable into smaller, digestible pieces. This allows us to more deeply comprehend what’s required in terms of technique and of what’s required in a posture as a whole. We receive opportunities to practice the techniques in more accessible ways.

In the first part of today’s video, he demonstrates Titibhasana straddle variations.

Straddle A

Seated on a mat, we’re first introduced to the importance of squeezing the legs in while internally rotating them, that is, activating the tensor fasciae latae and adductor muscles. We also get a sense of the rounded position of the torso.

Straddle B

The difference here is the addition of blocks if we find that our elbows are unable to reach the mat (which again adds more accessibility). We can practice the same techniques with additional support.




In Matt’s demonstrations that follow, we observe the development of going deeper into the shape required for Titibhasana.

Turtle Pose

In this variation, we’re taking our chest as close to the floor/mat as possible. We’re still reminded of the squeeze in and internal rotation of the legs, but we’re adding the sensation of getting the legs a little higher on the arms. This is a key factor in finding more success in Titibhasana.

Standing Variations

Option 1

This time, in a standing position, the focus is a bit more on entering Titibhasana and straightening the legs.

Option 2

A bind is introduced here, which encourages increased shoulder mobility. If we know that protracting the shoulder blades is a challenge, this variation can enhance our ability to find the rounding we need.

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Again, Matt patiently takes us through the process by first offering a variation that does not require a significant amount of balance before we attempt full balance in Titibhasana.  

Half Titibhasana

Although we are not balancing completely in Half Titibhasana, Matt advises us to place a blanket behind ourselves in case we fall backwards. 

In this variation, we get an opportunity to “play,” as Matt says, and really put the techniques we’ve learned to the test. Instead of taking flight with both legs, we practice by alternating legs and executing the hip rotation. 


Finally, we attempt to lift both legs up. When we check out Matt’s entry into Titibhasana, we can see the culmination of all of the explored variations.

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As a student, the breaking down of these tips and techniques is invaluable. The different variations of Titibhasana offer entry points along our journey towards this arm balance. 

This perspective does not change for yoga teachers. The ability to offer insights and actionable steps for our students is equally priceless. We can’t deny that the Chromatic step-by-step approach is extremely beneficial to our students’ understanding of what’s required for their own bodies. 

Matt’s next online course, The Pose Factory, is suited for both students and teachers. It cracks the code of alignment and techniques to help us refine a variety of yoga postures.

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Article by Trish Curling

Videos Extracted From: Flow & Fly Immersion


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