Stretch The Hamstrings With Out Causing “Yoga Butt” Tendinitis

Stretching the hamstrings provides many benefits including my personal favorite low back relief! In the pursuit of flexibility many of us accidentally go too far in our practice: how do you know where you limit is until you hit it? Rather than feeling shameful about hurting yourself in yoga just direct your attention to healing and maintaining health. 

In my early years as a yogi I tore my hamstring attachment near the sit bone and with some diligence healed it up pretty fast. However, I didn't quite learn how to practice in a way that would maintain its integrity and as a result I tore it once again. In this video I go over the techniques I use to maintain hamstring integrity at the sit bone attachment point (just under the gluteus Maximus, buttocks muscles).

The benefit of this approach is you do not have to sacrifice your flexibility, in fact most people find a major increase of range of motion but without the pain!