Yoga With Meditation Bundle




Journey to Bliss August Pass 2020

You know that full body bliss experience you get after an excellent yoga class or after a hard work out? The one where your body is buzzing and your mind is at peace? This immersion is a complete and comprehensive journey through the layers of our being from the Physical body, to the Mind, the breath and the energy that pulses through us. Get ready to enjoy the full body experience from head to toe! Elegantly themed with education on the Kosha's - The 5 sheets that encase the soul, this immersion releases the mind and enlivens the body. You will get a balanced experience that will transform you from the inside out. This is highly recommended for yogi's looking to learn more about yoga philosophy while advancing their physical practice and anyone looking to get back to that full body bliss feeling that we all crave.


Move•Breathe•Release March 2021

12 Class Pack: yoga for alignment and flow! Develop your balance, increase your strength, and learn to transition gracefully between postures.  This livestream immersion with help you increase your body awareness by taking you through weight shifting exercises and providing action based alignment as you move from one posture to another. You get 12 livestream yoga classes per week, and unlimited, lifetime access to each of them after they go live. If you are looking to transform the way you feel in your body on a daily basis, than this is the immersion for you!



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