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Below you will find blogs and videos to support your practice. You can also use the search bar if you have something specific you are looking for. Should you have any requests please feel free to submit them using the comment form at the bottom. These videos are meant to support your growth as a yogi, and help you to look inward to better understand your body. Every body is unique, and its important to acknowlege that some of these techniques might unlock tremendous freedom, while other may not be suitable. Please be mindful as you explore, and if you are ever unclear on whether or not something will be good for you please see a specialist to help guide you properly into your body. Thank you for practicing with me, enjoy the videos!

Lifting The Arch’s of Your Feet

Is your foundation Strong? Setting the foundation of any posture is arguably the most important step you can take aside from breathing of course, which you can simply consider a part of the foundation. You probably have heard me talk about the foundation of arm...

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Triangle Pose: Trick to Avoid Hip Impingement

Triangle Pose Triangle pose is an iconic posture in yoga that has tremendous benefits for increasing hip range of motion by creating more flexibility of the hamstrings and adductors (inner thigh muscles). There are several potential strength benefits that triangle...

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find your seat

Find Your Seat Yoga For Meditation Posture Find Your Seat While the deep benefits of seated meditation are known to and have been experienced by many, there are people the world over who find the practice to be inaccessible for the simple reason that they can't find...

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4 Exercises For The Ankles and Feet

Move better, feel better Strengthening our Foundation Walking on the streets of some of my favorite European cities, I took note of how tired the muscles of my feet and lower legs were. Although I consider myself to be a rather in shape human being, during the winter...

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Avoid Hamstring Tendonitis “Yoga Butt”

A Different Approach to StretchingStretching the hamstrings provides many benefits - including my personal favorite, low back relief! In the pursuit of flexibility, many of us accidentally go too far in our practice. It can be challenging to gauge where our limits...

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Pigeon Without Knee Pain

Why STretching your hips might cause knee pain Pigeon Pose is one of the most widely beloved postures in the yoga practice across a multitude of styles. This is for good reason. However, the issue I see most often with this posture is that it comes with little...

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Chaturanga Alignment Part 2

Integrating Shoulder ActionsIntegrating the 3 Necessary Shoulder Actions into your practice can be complicated, so to help you I have come up with 3 Steps to Master your Chaturanga. If you haven't yet watched Chaturanga Alignment: 3 Necessary Shoulder Actions  then it...

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Chaturanga Alignment Part 1

Why Get Stronger? Chaturanga is one of the most repeated poses in the modern yoga practice, and it happens to be one of the most challenging on the shoulders. It is highly beneficial to take a look at the mechanics of the posture. I have been studying this posture for...

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Backbends and the Glutes

Should I Engage my Buttocks in a Backbend?In the yoga world, there are many opinions on alignment, and what muscles "should" or "should not" be engaged. One of the common questions I get is, "Should I engage my buttocks in Wheel pose or bridge pose?" I decided it's...

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Down Dog: Avoid Shoulder Impingement

Should You "Relax Your Shoulders" away from your ears? In my previous blog, "The Yoga Cue That Could Be Destroying Your Shoulders", I explained how taking the arms up overhead while dropping our shoulders down our back could be a recipe for shoulder impingement. Many...

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Avoid Shoulder Impingement

 "Relax your shoulders" There probably isn't a single yoga teacher out there, myself included, who hasn't used the verbal cue “relax your shoulders away from the ears”. This cue can be totally innocent and helpful to point out unconscious patterns related to...

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The Key To Arm Balances

 The Secret is Simple Finding ease in arm balances can seem like a mystery, and it can be frustrating to figure them out while struggling to breath in positions that feel constricting. The secret to arm balances is simple, but it is not always easy to put into...

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