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Your FREE Videos, and Mp3’s are Below. I will be sending more videos and blogs to help you build a strong and powerful practice that frees the mind and body soon. You will also see the opportunity to schedule a call with me below on the right hand side. Please feel free to pick a date and time to discuss if the mentorship session is right for you! 

 Crow Pose: A New Approach

This demonstration was taken from The Elements of Mastery online immersion. The Key points here are that activating the adductor muscles (muscles of the inner thighs) significantly help to activate the deep core muscles. Instead of placing the knees in the armpits the knees go outside. The shins are now on the shelf of the upper arm – this does require a good deal of hip flexibility, so this may not come easy to you. With the knees outside the arms, you can now squeeze in to the shoulders to activate the adductors and deep core. The core muscles will help to fire up the serrates anterior muscles which stabilize the shoulder girdle and give you the lift that makes arm balances light and easy. This approach will help you find ease in more arm balances, and builds the appropriate strength for transitions between arm balances and or handstands. If you haven’t read Arm Balances: Protraction Action yet you can head there now or wait till it arrives in your in box in the upcoming weeks. 

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If you enjoy these videos and would like to learn more you will like the following.

Hips Workshop

In this workshop you will practice specific techniques to open your hips, finding greater rang of motion and freedom. Each action in the body is carefully layered and clearly articulated to provide you with success.

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 The Art Of Adjustments

This workshop is 1 of 2 parts taken from The Elements of Mastery online immersion. If you enjoy it, you will love the the online immersion.  In E.O.M I talk about the different qualities of touch and ways to give adjustments. Not all adjustment styles are suitable for everyone, and its important to be confident in what you are offering to your students so be sure to practice these with a friend before working with students or strangers. 

Elements of Mastery

For the serious practitioners and yoga instructors, this online resource provides you with tons of workshops, demonstrations, reading material and worksheets to take you to the next level. This is in many ways an online teachers manual, filled with podcast style workshops, short form video demonstrations, and written explanations to support your development. 

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Core Strength

This video is taken from the Handstand Training online workshop. Core strength for handstand is not exactly what most people think. No matter how many crunches or sit ups you do, your core strength will not be developed properly for handstand. This is because in those exercises you are using the core for movement instead of as a stabilizer. In addition exercises like crunches completely omit the rest of the body and isolate one small section. This approach can be beneficial sometimes but in the case of handstand your body needs to understand how to activate its core in relationship to the entire system. Here is one of the exercises that I find incredibly useful to build the appropriate core strength for handstand. 

Handstand Training

Learn the techniques that make Handstand fun, easy and accessible! This collection of the top 12 most effective exercises will make you rethink how you approach handstand and what is possible.

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Without Knee Pain 


Without Knee Pain 

This workshop is intended to help you develop an understanding of how many of the hip muscles also attach at or below the knee joint and as a result your hips and knees are completely connected. Trying ot stretch the muscles of the hips can pull on the alignment of the knee and cause pain or discomfort.

Rather than focus your energy on lotus it self focus your energy on your body and the sensations of it. Seek to feel what your actions create for you. If something in this recording feels excellent, try to memorize what it is so you can use it in your daily practice. If something I share in this recording doesn’t work for your body, take note of it so you can ask a medical professional about it and/or choose to avoid it in the future.

Lotus pose in perhaps one of the more saught out and iconic postures of yoga but there is no doubt it is a high risk posture for the knee joint because of the required external rotation at the hips. This workshop is intended to help you maximize hip mobility through standing and seated postures in order to put less stress on the knees when attempting lotus pose. This being said all hip openers pose a risk on the knees, so I highly recommend taking your practice slow. As with any physical activity, consult a doctor or trained professional to see if these exercises are right for you. IF you already have a knee injury this practice is not recommended. Instead you may find many bennefits in listening along!

Instructions: Press play on the audio recording below. Due to the length of the recording, it may take 1-5 minutes to load the mp3 depending on your connection speed. You will not see a progress bar. 



"Journey Through The Elements"

Yoga Retreats with Matt are not only a rejuvinating get away, but they are also a way to get deeply in tune with your yoga practice. Matt takes you on a Jouney through the elements both in your body and mind for a truly inspiring and empowering experience. You will tune into your body like you never have before, and clear any anything that might be standing in your way of living in peace and harmony. Take an adventure, and treat yourself and your body the way you truly deserve. 

South of Italy 2019

Starts: April 20-25

Recharge from the winter with an immersion into your yoga practice in one of the most highly sought after retreat centers in the world.  Take a comfortable step by step approach in your practice to developing mastery in your body.

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Costa Rica 2019

Starts: Dec. 7-12 2019

Immerse yourself into nature and your practice in one of the most nourishing places on the planet. Experience what its like to enjoy the beach, jungle, world class food, all while awakening your body to new levels of awareness.

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Free Videos

Lifting The Arch’s of Your Feet

Is your foundation Strong? Setting the foundation of any posture is arguably the most important step you can take aside from breathing of course, which you can simply consider a part of the foundation. You probably have heard me talk about the foundation of arm...

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Triangle Pose: Trick to Avoid Hip Impingement

Triangle Pose Triangle pose is an iconic posture in yoga that has tremendous benefits for increasing hip range of motion by creating more flexibility of the hamstrings and adductors (inner thigh muscles). There are several potential strength benefits that triangle...

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find your seat

Find Your Seat Yoga For Meditation Posture Find Your Seat While the deep benefits of seated meditation are known to and have been experienced by many, there are people the world over who find the practice to be inaccessible for the simple reason that they can't find...

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4 Exercises For The Ankles and Feet

Move better, feel better Strengthening our Foundation Walking on the streets of some of my favorite European cities, I took note of how tired the muscles of my feet and lower legs were. Although I consider myself to be a rather in shape human being, during the winter...

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Avoid Hamstring Tendonitis “Yoga Butt”

A Different Approach to StretchingStretching the hamstrings provides many benefits - including my personal favorite, low back relief! In the pursuit of flexibility, many of us accidentally go too far in our practice. It can be challenging to gauge where our limits...

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Pigeon Without Knee Pain

Why STretching your hips might cause knee pain Pigeon Pose is one of the most widely beloved postures in the yoga practice across a multitude of styles. This is for good reason. However, the issue I see most often with this posture is that it comes with little...

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Chromatic Yoga Trainings

Level 1: The Elements

  • Foundations of Chromatic Yoga
  • Intelligent and Intentional Sequencing
  • Applied Anatomy
  • The Elements of Voice
  • The Philosophy of the Elements
  • Physical Through-Line
  • Basics of Adjustments: learning the art of S.S.A
  • Refined eye fo joint relationships


Dates: June 25-29, 2019

Level 2: The H.E.A.R.T

  • Theming: Creating Thematic Through-line
  • Pairing the Physical with the Emotional
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Vision Coaching and Development
  • Intro To Coaching for Breakthroughs and transformation
  • Retreats and workshops: Marketing, Co-Teaching Dynamics, format for success.

Dates: August 5-9, 2019

Level 3: Integration

  • Pairing Physical and Thematic Through-lines
  • Masterful Verbal Cues
  • Structuring your business: Classes/workshops/retreats/intensives
  • Advanced Coaching and Mentoring
  • Elements of Voice Part 2: Delivering your Message  
  • Chromatic Through-line

Dates: August 11-15, 2019

Dates: June 25-29, 2019

Dates: August 5-9, 2019

Dates: August 11-15, 2019

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