2022 Immersion Bundle



  • 12 Classes: key techniques to deepen & expand your vinyasa practice
  • Refine The Classic Postures: Chaturanga, Down Dog, Warrior 1 & 2, Uttanasana, Crow Pose etc.
  • Popular Peak Posture Breakdowns: Dancer, Side Plank, Extended Vashistasana, Wheel, Flying Pigeon, etc.
  • Master Your Transitions: Jump Backs, Jump Throughs, Jump Forwards, Single Legged Balance Transitions
  • All Levels Appropriate
  • Each Class is 75 minutes
  • Full Spectrum Yoga Classes with Warm Ups, Standing Poses, and Cool Downs
  • Wide Range of Posture: Hip Openers, Arm Balances, Shoulder Mobility, Heart Openers, Single Legged Balances, Inversions

Yoga & The Sutras

February 2022 Immersion

  • Refine Your Yoga Practice
  • Move, Sweat, Breathe, Flow
  • Inspired Themes From The Yoga Sutras
  • Full 75 Min. Practices
  • Full Spectrum Immersion: All Pose Categories
  • Arm Balances, Heart Openers, Shoulder Mobility
  • Hip Openers, Single Legged Balance's, Strength Building
  • Lifetime unlimited access to all


  • Key techniques to increase flexibility
  • Strength development for mobility and range of motion
  • Learn postures: Hanumanasana (splits), Extended Side Plank
  • Active and passive mobility for shoulders, hips, and spine
  • Find greater ease in seated postures
  • Improve mobility and posture off the mat
  • When and how to do active, passive, and isometric stretching
  • Lifetime access
  • 12 classes, 75 minutes each
  • Unlimited views

Anatomy In Motion


Anatomy of Arm Balances


Anatomy of The Heart


Handstand and Meditation


shoulder Mobility

  • Strengthen Key Muscles of the Shoulders
  • Improve Flexibility and Access to Shoulder Opening Yoga Postures
  • Increase Active & Passive Range Of Motion
  • Learn Anatomical Techniques To Improve Functionality
  • Access Shoulder Strength Postures Like Arm Balances and Side Planks
  • 12 Classes: All levels appropriate
  • Lifetime unlimited access to all
  • Attend the livestream OR practice the replays any time that's convenient for you

Hip Mobility


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