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Below you will find exclusive yoga videos and blogs to support your practice. You can also use the search bar if there is something specific you are looking for. Should you have any requests, please feel free to submit them using the comment form at the bottom. These videos are meant to support your growth as a yogi and to help you look inward to better understand your body. Every single body is unique, and it’s important to acknowledge that some of these techniques might unlock tremendous freedom, while others may not be suitable. Please be mindful as you explore, and if you are ever unclear on whether or not something will be good for you, please see a specialist to help guide you properly into your body. Thank you for practicing with me, and enjoy the free yoga resources!

Headstand: Neck Relief

Headstand: Neck Relief

 Intentional Practice For many years I split my yoga asana practice into two parts. On one side I dedicated my learning to the therapeutic qualities and on the other side advancing my practice. It was a while before I realized that they were one and the same and...

Headstand: 3 Ways In

Headstand: 3 Ways In

Three Ways In Headstand is a powerful pose, typically referred to as the King of the Yoga Asanas (poses). While the gurus and masters have long been preaching the importance of headstand, modern-day anatomists often caution against it. Physically speaking my personal...

#1 Tip To Advance Your Practice

#1 Tip To Advance Your Practice

#1 Tip to Advance Your Yoga Practice Dharana Leads to Mastery  There are multiple reasons why we practice asana (the physical practice of yoga), but most of us would agree that the primary one is that we feel better afterward. Asana offers us an opportunity to get to...


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