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Below you will find exclusive yoga videos and blogs to support your practice. You can also use the search bar if you have something specific you are looking for. Should you have any requests, please feel free to submit them using the comment form at the bottom. These videos are meant to support your growth as a yogi, and help you to look inward to better understand your body. Every single body is unique, and it’s important to acknowledge that some of these techniques might unlock tremendous freedom, while others may not be suitable. Please be mindful as you explore, and if you are ever unclear on whether or not something will be good for you please see a specialist to help guide you properly into your body. Thank you for practicing with me, enjoy the free yoga resources!

Headstand: Neck Relief

Headstand: Neck Relief

 Intentional Practice For many years I split my yoga asana practice into two parts. On one side I dedicated my learning to the therapeutic qualities and on the other side advancing my practice. It was a while before I realized that they were one and the same and...

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Headstand: 3 Ways In

Headstand: 3 Ways In

Three Ways In Headstand is a powerful pose, typically referred to as the King of the Yoga Asanas (poses). While the gurus and masters have long been preaching the importance of headstand, modern-day anatomists often caution against it. Physically speaking my personal...

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#1 Tip To Advance Your Practice

#1 Tip To Advance Your Practice

#1 Tip to Advance Your Yoga Practice Dharana Leads to Mastery  There are multiple reasons why we practice asana (the physical practice of yoga), but most of us would agree that the primary one is that we feel better afterward. Asana offers us an opportunity to get to...

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Recommended Classes & Courses

Looking to go further in your practice? here is what I recommend. 

Elements of Mastery

The Most in depth immersion you will find online -7 full workshop videos, 20+ Posture Breakdowns, Podcasts, Anatomy Tutorials and so much more!

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Handstand Training

Learn the techniques that make Handstand fun, easy and accessible! This collection of the top 12 most effective exercises will make you rethink how you approach handstand and what is possible.

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Hips Workshop

In this workshop you will practice specific techniques to open your hips, finding greater rang of motion and freedom. Each action in the body is carefully layered and clearly articulated to provide you with success.

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Dance With The Flames

Ignite your internal flame of empowerment with this live workshop perfectly themed to inspire you into big life transformation

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BlissFlow Masterclass

Enjoy a delightful one hour flow set to the sweet sounds of Kevin Paris playing along. This flow is designed to leave you feeling good for an everyday style practice. If you love live music and yoga this is for you!

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Are you interested in developing your practice, and taking it to the next level? Do you want learn the techniques physical, mental and emotional freedom? This immersion is for you. Take a deep dive into the heart of yoga both body and mind. With 12 livestream online yoga classes focused on asana, pranayama, and meditation as well as a dedicated private facebook group to get all your questions answered about any yoga pose, this immersion is sure to meet your expectations and go well beyond. Can’t practice at the live times? NO Problem, you get lifetime, anytime, anywhere access. After the class goes live, you will be able to tune in and watch as much as you would like!






When you sign up for the immersion you will gain access to an exclusive members area of When you are logged in your will have access and be able to watch the livestream that day, and any previously aired livestreams from that month.


NO. You are paying for access to one month of classes, after that you will be provided a discounted rate should you want to continue practicing regularly. You will NOT be automatically billed, THIS IS A ONE TIME PAYMENT that gives you access to the classes in the respective month that you purchase. 


NO PROBLEM AT ALL! The Immersion consists of yogis worldwide in various time zones. This is why you have LIFETIME and UNLIMITED access. You can practice when it is convenient for you. You will receive emails throughout the week to keep you on track and keep you inspired to practice. There is a facebook group where you will here from other members, be able to ask questions and stay connected. Both the emails from me and the group will keep you committed to your practice, even if you cannot practice live.


Matt specializes in teaching ALL Levels yoga practices, providing modifications, and options throughout each class. These immersions are suitable for anyone with as little as 1-3 months yoga practice or more. You do not need to have a regular practice, nor do you need to be flexibly or strong. First time yogis are welcomed so long as you have no major injuries. Each class focuses on a different yoga pose in order to gain a greater understanding of our body within the asana practice.


Matt‘s classes are phenomenal- if you ever have the ability to practice with him, make use of it!! He has a very unique talent of combining anatomy, yoga philosophy and his own perspective into a super intense package of knowledge which is fun AND easy to understand. I enjoyed the April immersion a lot as it was a great way of deepening my own practice and broadening my horizon, especially as the lifetime access allows you to take classes
as often as you want- trust me, you will want to take them again! I cant wait for next month’s classes and highly recommend everyone to take the May pass and joining in on the journey.

~Nadja Kyra King - @nadja_kyra

Matt’s April pass was a journey. It was more than just the physical exploration of my practice but also helped me explore my spiritual practice. It was very nice to have a consistent practice during this time of uncertainty. If you are looking for a practice to ground yourself I would highly recommend exploring the Live Immersion of the Month.
~Amanda Barnes Salowsky

Covid_19 bought Matt into my home and my yoga practice. This last month I have learn’t so much it has deepened my practice and my understanding of the anatomy & biomechanics and how we use both in every asana we practice. He has also helped in my teaching, ie asking my students to think about the foot as a tripod “big toe, pinkie toe, heel ” I never imagined I would learn so much from the immersion.

~Debbie, @the_joyofyoga

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